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The Museum of the Yiddish Theatre, a virtual (Internet-only) museum, is the "cultural arm,"  a sub-division, of the virtual Museum of Family History.

The Museum's main objective is to honor, preserve the memory of those who were in some way connected with the Yiddish theatre, as well as to educate those who have an interest in the Yiddish theatre, which once flourished in Europe and around the world, especially in the United States, in the late nineteenth and first quarter of the twentieth century.

Yiddish theatre is part of our culture, historically speaking, whether we speak the Yiddish language or not, if we are Jewish or aren't, even if we have never attended the performance of a Yiddish play. How such a precious history is preserved is dependent on the willingness of others to support it, to help in its development, and assist in its evolution.

For those who are creative and have a desire to work with the Museum in its development, the opportunity awaits you. Whether you have computer or other organizational skills, know how to speak, write or translate the Yiddish language, whether you wish to transcribe or otherwise write, or have other skills you think might be pertinent, the Museum would like you to volunteer, to participate in this altruistic venture. Perhaps you'd like to assist the Museum in conducting research on the Yiddish theatre....

There are a number of online exhibitions that are in the works, and others that are under consideration. It is hoped that one or more of these will also find a place in a museum in "real space." So the Museum of the Yiddish Theatre is seeking institutions and organizations who might be interested in forming a joint project, please contact the museum director at

One such project under consideration has to do with the subject of the Holocaust and Yiddish theatre. Once the fifth (memorial) edition of Zalmen Zylbercweig's opus, the multi-volume, "Lexicon of the Yiddish Theatre" has been fully translated into English, it may form the basis for the creation of a multimedia exhibition about this terrible time, who were these Yiddish theatre folk, both personally and professionally, who met a tragic fate. Who were the playwrights who wrote during this time in war-torn Europe? What form did Yiddish theatre take under Occupation, in the ghettos and otherwise? Such a sad topic, but one that must be told, for no other reason than to honor those who perished, and to detail how Yiddish theatre managed to survive and play out during these years.... To date, about sixty-percent of Volume 5 has been translated. Are you someone who can translate Yiddish and are willing to volunteer to assist in this effort?

It should be said that both the Museum of Family History and the Museum of the Yiddish Theatre are completely unfunded, and thus, if you are good at fundraising -- or wish to donate financially yourself or know others who might want to do so, please contact us. If you would in other ways wish to give to the Museum -- your assistance would be most welcome. Thank you!

If you wish to volunteer, or if you have any questions, please write to the Museum at

And thank you!


Dr. Steven Lasky
Founder and Director
Museum of the Yiddish Theatre





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