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By Joseph Steinberg


The land of opportunity in this great American nation has brought forth a captain of industry, and added to the Hall of Fame, William Rolland, who is now recognized and accepted among the Jewish theatre-going public as a genius in the Jewish theatrical world.

He started in every day walk of life like everyone who is born of poor parents and struggled for a livelihood.

This brilliant young theatrical producer and theatre owner of the biggest Yiddish theatre in the world, classed as the Rolland Yiddish Million Dollar Theatre.

How glorious, for success not alone means everything to William Rolland, but the entire Jewish theatre-going public is materially benefited, for then they can expect more in amusement line for their welfare and comfort.

It is constructive, for the policy that brings success, is only realized as in this particular case, likewise, in any other endeavor of interest.

It is a fact, without elaboration, the monument he has built in life, with the construction of this Rolland Yiddish Million Dollar Theatre, that there is no question that it will be a far greater monument that he can enjoy during the balance of his years with the respect and high regard of the public who make it possible for his success. For, without the loving public whom he can class as his friends, if they did not give the patronage, where would the genius with all his ability that William Rolland possesses, be. So therefore he works with his friends, the Jewish theatre-loving public, together as a unit. With solidity there is universal strength. So let the cooperation continue onward, for all will be gainers thereby.

There is no question that the Jewish theatre-going public respect and admire William Rolland, because the evidences from past performances as stated above, are a fact, because if he did not secure their patronage, there would be today no Million Dollar Jewish Theatre in Brooklyn. All in all, it is one of the greatest events in the life of William Rolland and the Jewish theatre-going public.


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