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"The Last Messiah"
Caricatures by M. Raskin
from the Groyser Kibetzer, 1914

This production was staged at NYC's Second Avenue Theatre in Feb. 1914.
Text by Mark Arnstein, music by Joseph Brody.



Samuel S. Schneier as Nehemiah Cohen,
the false Messiah.

David Kessler, as Shabse Zvi
in the second act.


Moshe Simonoff as the Pasha of Cairo.



Berta Gerstin as Hadassah, in the third act.


Berl Bernstein as Ivni, in the first act.


Louis Hyman, as Natah Hezati
"The Moshiakh is coming!"

Mark Schweid, as the Sultan, in the last act.
"I am not a tyrant!"




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